Why Choose Quartz Stone Surfaces?


Quartz Stone

Quartz Stone Surfaces


Stain, heat and scratch resistant. Quartz stone surface is a non-porous material, therefore it will not stain->.

Maintenance Free. Due to its physical characteristics, Quartz surface is the only maintenance-free material on the market->.

Multiple Applications. Quartz surface can be fabricated into numerous shapes, making it a desirable alternative to natural stone in homes, businesses, new construction and remodeling projects. It can be used in making tiles, kitchen countertops->.

Color Scheme. Quartz surface is manufactured using different aggregates and sands->.

Environmentally Sensitive. Quartz stone surface is one of the most environmentally sensitive materials for home use. It is composed of 93% natural materials, including recycled glass and recycle stone->.

Quality Assurance: As profession quartz engineered stone supplier and quartz countertop supplier, our products has CE certificate, NSF Certificate, MSDS certificate and also Reaction to Fire Text Reports issued by SGS. With our strict quality control, the quality is guaranteed.->

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